Are you a change-maker, modern tribal leader, or seeker, looking to create or expand your community and hone and refine your embodied leadership skills? 

Join our intimate group of leaders who commune at the source to gather tools, perspective, and skills, as well as regenerate, get coached, and share knowledge with one another. 

This group is for you if you want to refine your message, access and create community and relationship, become more visible in the world, and broaden your awareness of empowered ways to lead and create movements. 

We follow the "dojo" principal of martial arts, which is to say it is immersive virtual training where beginners practice and share in the same space as advanced practitioners. New members can join at any time, and space is limited to 15 people at any time. 

Calls take place on Mondays three times per month for 90 minutes. Membership is $1500 for three months of participation, and can be renewed as often as desired.