Have you ever wondered what our process was for choosing which countries we visit? 

Get a sneak peek into the mind of Founder, Antesa Jensen, as she decides where Adventure Awake is going this summer. 

While Antesa's list of potential countries to Adventure Awake in is unbelievably long, it's her practice of listening that determines where we get to go to next. The only hard fast rule (for now) is that she won't visit the same place twice, lest she compromise on one of her core values of leading from the unknown. 

What she does already know, is that this will be a trip of tools and practice. No matter where we end up, the theme will be: Work in Progress, and the focus will be on breaking down all the tools you could ever possibly need to lead, relate, love, live, and inspire in your own unique way. Because, after all, practice makes permanent. 

Is there a country you're dying to visit? Tell us where you're being called to, and why.   

Coach: Antesa Jensen

Local Season: ?
Average daytime temperature: ?
Activities: nature, service, practice, cultural immersion, culinary exploration, coaching and other simulated exercises
Dates: August - September 2018 (Adventure: August 2018)
Program duration: Ten weeks (incl. 12 day in-person bespoke adventure)
Destination airport: ?
Price: On request, following an enrollment conversation


  • One two-hour individual coaching session to launch and anchor into the work that we will do together
  • Two pre-trip group coaching sessions (virtually via Zoom) with all trip attendees
  • Access to several hours of teaching videos that will facilitate growth and enhance the group travel experience
  • Four post-trip group coaching sessions (virtually via Zoom) with all trip attendees 
  • One individual post-trip integration coaching session
  • Dynamically curated itineraries unique to each trip
  • Guided meditation, rituals, writing exercises, and other growth-oriented self-reflective simulated experiences throughout the program
  • Regularly planned group and individual coaching sessions throughout the trip
  • Local double occupancy accommodation (given the circumstances of the type of travel we do, and our work on relationship, intimacy, and vulnerability, single occupancy is unfortunately not possible)
  • All meals excluding snacks
  • All activities, experiences, any specialized gear needed for unique excursions, and entry fees
  • Domestic travel (planes, trains, automobiles as required) upon arrival


  • Travel to/from the country we're visiting
  • Visas
  • Snacks
  • Souvenirs
  • Laundry
  • Individual Traveler's Insurance (required)