Our Trips


Our Trips

Tailor-made, unique, and authentic experiential trips in community designed specifically to take you and your personal transformation to the next level. 

At Adventure Awake we put a lot of attention on the whole human. Like Gandhi says, "One cannot do right in one department of life while still occupied in doing wrong in any other department. Life is an indivisible whole." With that in mind, our trips put emphasis on our body, our feelings, our mind, and the governing principals of life. Nothing is excluded as we travel immersed in our surroundings, using not just the perspective of the foreign environments in which we find ourselves, but also the small community we create of fellow travelers, to uncover parts of ourselves that we might not normally see. 

It can be compelling as we become more enlightened to place a magnifying glass on our minds and feelings, and in the spirit of this, our trips are very focused on bringing us back into our bodies and learning to balance body awareness with our minds, feelings, and the governing principals we follow. On our trips you can expect activities that involve physical exertion, like hiking, camel caravans, horseback riding, and even sheep herding, as well as embodied practices like rituals, yoga, and guided meditations. As far as we're concerned, the sky's the limit and if it moves us, we love to say yes. While there are no age limitations on our trips (our existing clients range from 20 to 60 years old), moderate physical fitness and willingness to move and be moved, is expected. 

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We have 20 years of collective experience traveling the world, and lots of passport stamps to show for it, but the biggest resource we bring with us is our ability to coach, teach, and co-create under all conditions. We specialize in making the world our teacher so that we can adventure awake together literally anywhere, and in teaching you how to do the same thing. Most importantly, we know life isn't about perfection and controlled environments, but rather, about practice. To really model that, we take you to places we also have never been before, so we all get to discover a place for the first time together, making each trip delightfully unknown, special, unique, and a truly personalized experience for everyone involved, just like life. 

While we do not promise a set standard of accommodation, lodging and meals are planned specifically with our clients in mind. Our trips are a reflection of our own raison d'être, and we believe there is a time and a place for sleeping on the ground, connected to the earth and nature, eating simple, whole foods, and another equally valuable time and place for resorts, infinity pools, and Michelin star restaurants. Sometimes we'll throw both types of experiences into one trip, so long as it serves toward the personal growth we are after with our clients. 


Our trips are focused on conscious and experiential travel, and we believe that substances inhibit our ability to stay present with our current surroundings. As such, while some places we visit may have a prominent alcohol or extracurricular drug culture, our trips are entirely sober events. 


  • One two-hour individual coaching session with Antesa to launch and anchor into the work that we will be doing together
  • Two pre-trip group coaching sessions (virtually via Zoom) with all trip attendees
  • Access to several hours of teaching videos that will facilitate growth and enhance the group travel experience
  • Four post-trip group coaching sessions (virtually via Zoom) with all trip attendees 
  • One individual post-trip integration coaching session with Antesa
  • Custom-designed itineraries unique to each trip
  • Daily guided meditation, rituals, writing exercises, and other growth-oriented self-reflective practices on site
  • Regularly planned group and individual coaching sessions throughout the trip
  • Local accommodation (double occupancy, single occupancy is unfortunately not possible)
  • All meals excluding snacks
  • All activities, experiences, any specialized gear needed for unique excursions, and entry fees
  • Domestic travel (planes, trains, automobiles as required) upon arrival


  • Travel to/from the country we're visiting
  • Visas
  • Snacks
  • Souvenirs
  • Laundry
  • Individual Traveler's Insurance

Where We're Going

Where We're Going


Ignite your inner fire                                          

FEBRUARY 6-15, 2018

When night becomes day.

Icebergs, arctic dog-sledding, and northern lights. 

Finding brilliance in the shadows. 


anchor into right now                               

MAY 1-12, 2018

The stark contrasts of earth and sky.

Red dunes, bright white desert marshes, and petrified forests. 

Find presence in the vast openness. 


Where We've Been

Where We've Been