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Our Trips


Our Trips

Where we're going


IGNITE YOUR INNER FIRE                                          

FEBRUARY 5-15, 2018

When night becomes day.

Icebergs, arctic dog-sledding, and northern lights. 

Finding brilliance in the shadows. 


ANCHOR INTO RIGHT NOW                               

MAY 1-12, 2018

The stark contrasts of earth and sky.

Red dunes, bright white desert marshes, and petrified forests. 

Find presence in the vast openness. 

Where We've Been

Transformation by Design

Each of our trips is entirely unique and created from scratch. We design them, and all of our activities - including lodging and food - with each individual client in mind, and the particular goals they are looking to accomplish in their time with Adventure Awake, which starts 3 weeks prior to embarking on the actual trip, and ends five weeks afterward. 

While our clients do pick the country they'll join us to discover, you otherwise are not given other logistical details until no earlier than 24 hours in advance. The trip itself, no matter the destination, is a simulated experience in operating in the unknown, as well as leading from surrender and connecting in real time. With that said, we do of course ensure that you are adequately prepared for all activities before arriving. 

We work closely with expert travel agents and tour guides on location so that our coaches can always have their full attention on you. Our coaches, as a rule, only lead trips in countries they've never been to, in order to set the example for what leading from the unknown can look like. We only hire coaches who have mastered this mindset, and they thus inherently become an embodied offering of infinite tools and resources for how to lead from possibility and surrender no matter what, as well as an additional person with whom to practice relating vulnerably. 

Our journeys are entirely sober, and are appropriate for people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, and ages over 18 years old. Given that all trips do include immersions in nature, as well as hiking, and we use these experiences to provoke breakthroughs in our clients, we expect you to be in reasonably good health. Feel free to inquire with us directly if you have questions about this. 

All of our trips incorporate the below four fundamental principals: a foundation upon which our business has been built. 

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Make connections

It's a well-known fact these days that empathy is the antidote to shame. Doing our deepest transformational work in the company of others who are on their own journeys, allows for a powerful experience of vulnerability, connection, and deep healing. In a world rampant with new and clever ways to isolate ourselves, we are deeply deprived of these types of authentic connections in our lives.

Adventure Awake trips have a minimum of two seekers and one coach on each trip, and we max out at six seekers and two coaches. This allows for us to have the most unique and out-of-reach experiences accessible, customized to the needs of each individual traveler, and all while ensuring that we are always getting the reflection necessary for true growth to happen. Additionally, our trips are fertile practice ground for changing our way of being in our lives. 




Co-Create your future

Unlike in a tradition classroom, where course content is designed by a teacher, and a student is tasked with absorbing information, our trips are about partnership. The course content is your life, and our platform is The World. Our coaches will then take that foundation and partner with you in identifying your inherent gifts that you may not be able to see from your current vantage point using every possible real life resource that we can get our hands on. 

At Adventure Awake, we believe everyone already has what they need inside of them, they're just missing access to it. Our work together is in using the context of your life to expand your awareness, self-worth, and resilience to become the person you were born to be. We are not here to change you, nor to make you like us. We're here to partner in unfolding you into your best self. Our incredibly diverse backgrounds make it possible for us to meet you wherever you are on that journey, and to work with you on being a leader in your own domain, both personally and professionally. 




Learn experientially

We don't learn to ride a bike by reading a book about it; we learn by riding a bike. Human begins are experiential learners: we have to live an experience in real time in order for it to stick. 

According to the Cone of Learning, after about two weeks, we will have remembered:

10% of what we read
20% of what we hear
30% of what we see
50% of what we hear and see
70% of what we say
90% of what we say and do

Adventure Awake trips have all of the endless possibilities of travel as the baseline experience, and, we also utilize many less tangible experiences, such as ritual, guided meditations, dyads with fellow seekers, writing exercises, and other simulated experiences that are designed to help you break through your biggest blocks so that you can step fully into yourself. And it is through the combination of these elements that we expand both emotional and somatic intelligence.




Get coached

A consultant prescribes medicine for your heart palpitations. 

A teacher teaches you about the anatomy and physiology of a heart. 

A therapist helps you recover from a heart attack so that your heart beats normally without interruption.

A coach asks: ‘What does your heart want?’ and then helps light the pathway to get there.
— Antesa Jensen

Coaching is by and large the most important element of Adventure Awake programs. There is no better way to increase your emotional intelligence than directly with a coach who can partner with you in learning how to express yourself authentically, as well as read, understand, and be empathic to the emotional expressions of others.

As Harvard Business Review continues to show us in studies and researched articles, emotional intelligence isn't just important for leadership; it is crucial for everyone as artificial intelligence begins to take over automated jobs in all industries

Unlike in a traditional classroom, or even in a dedicated emotional intelligence training program, small-group coaching allows for calibrated, individualized attention that positions you to expand rapidly into an emotionally brilliant and well-balanced human being. 

The main tools we use in our emotional intelligence training are non-violent communication, personal responsibility, emotional granularity (the experience of learning emotional language), identifying limiting beliefs and dismantling victim mindset, and a variety of simulated experiences that help you become aware of and then break through sometimes entirely unconscious emotional blocks. 

Additionally, founder Antesa Jensen will often use hands-on healing sessions and bodywork, along with somatic mindfulness and other embodiment exercises to facilitate increased somatic intelligence. 

At Adventure Awake we believe strongly that in coupling both somatic and emotional awareness work, a great deal of power and creativity - often times at levels we never even knew existed - can be unlocked and massively potentiated. 

All of our programs begin with coaching (via Zoom) three weeks before a trip starts, and continue for another five weeks after a trip has finished. A coach's role is more than just noticing blindspots and offering reflection; it's about using the art of debriefing, the science of collective attention, and holding an unequivocal belief in your capability (even when you don't), all of which facilitates rapid self-awareness and self-mastery.