Is your team working under almost constant pressure to perform, produce, and up-level in the face of rapid growth and technological innovation? Have you noticed that when the stress goes up, that same capacity to perform, cooperate, and collaborate goes down?

One of the biggest gifts you could offer to a human being is the tangible skillset of emotional intelligence training through coaching. And while individual coaching is valuable in its own right, group coaching in an office environment is one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools you could offer to your team.

Coaching an entire team in a group setting evokes powerful human behavioral traits that are heavily needed during this rapidly-changing time:

  • empathy

  • compassion

  • humility

  • presence

  • curiosity

  • personal responsibility, and

  • empowerment

With these ways of being locked in, not only does productivity sky-rocket, but teams leave feeling more connected to themselves and one another, and are more equipped to collaborate, innovate and initiate on new ideas, give and receive helpful feedback, and support one another, which makes for a much more inspiring environment to spend the work week in.

A group coaching container for your team can be custom tailored to meet your team’s unique needs. We recommend a minimum three month commitment of bi-weekly coaching circles for the best results, but one off sessions are also available when combined with an experiential emotional intelligence training.

Coaching circles can take place virtually using zoom, or face-to-face anywhere in the greater Copenhagen area.

Previous corporate clients in Copenhagen include DareDisrupt, Maersk, Nordea, and more.