Photo by  mwangi gatheca  on  Unsplash

“I have no idea what I’m doing.”

-me, every single morning

It’s time for some truth. 

Measures of success are not determined by having things all figured out and perfected. They are not determined by being an expert or master or by having all the right answers all the time. 

Every single morning I wake up and at least one of my first thoughts is something to the effect of not knowing what I’m doing. 

And sometimes, when my limited belief systems creep in like a Trojan horse, a moment-killing afterthought might accuse me of being an imposter. 

Have you ever experienced either of these thoughts before?

I have great news for you. While it may be a little defeating to hear this, one of those two thoughts is definitely true. 

The good news is though, it’s not the second thought. 

You are definitely not an imposter (at least not because you consciously know that you don’t know what you are doing). 

Success is primarily driven by three things: humility, a willingness to take risks, and resiliency. 

By far the most sought-after leadership qualities that afford just about anyone success in any endeavor are the humility that we have no idea what we are doing (I also call this the possession of a “Beginner’s Mind”), a willingness to try anyway, and the ability to pick ourselves back up again if/when things don’t work out. 

How about today you make not knowing your super power?